Fisher Price Jumperoo

The Fisher Price Jumperoo, is an all-round jumper, and “activity and play centre” for your baby. The Fisher Price Jumperoo includes many different fun and interactive toys that your baby can play with, while bouncing up and down with the Jumperoo. These are a really great entertainer to introduce when your baby has learned how to control its head and neck by itself, but cannot yet walk independantly. The jumping movement of the Fisher Price Jumperoo encourages your baby to move around and enjoy getting to know how his or her body moves. It provides a safe place for your baby to grow and learn, and importantly, also be able to have fun while doing so.

The Fisher Price Jumperoo is a delightful and fun stationery entertainer for babies. By making the whole experience fun, it really encourages your baby to stand, and increase its ability to balance. The jumper is a very popular stationery toy for babies, and has been very well received by the public. Out of all the reviews that we could find for the Fisher Price Jumperoo, about 98% of them were overwhelmingly positive. Parents seem to really get a kick out of how much fun their baby has, when they are in the Fisher Price Jumperoo.

There are several different versions of the Fisher Price Jumperoo, depending on what you think your baby would prefer. There is the Precious Planet – BlueSky Jumperoo , which is pictured here on the left. Then there is also the Laugh & Learn Jumperoo, and Precious Planet Khaki Sands, Rainforest, Ocean Wonders, Luv U Zoo, and Precious Planet Jumperoos. Each one is themed differently, and I guess you would have to choose based on your preference, unless you can ask your baby and get a discernible answer!

Each different style of Jumperoo has a slightly different theme, and with the theme, different toys to go with it.

As an example, please watch the video below that describes the Rainforest version of the Jumperoo.


Now, below in quotes, are some reviews from parents that have bought the Fisher Price Jumperoo. These have been taken from

By techdad review

We were originally going to get our 8 month old a jumper that you hang from the door. After reading some reviews about injuries and mishaps from jumping into the door frames, we firmly decided against that and researched floor models.

We were between this Jumperoo and another one that has 4 support poles as the base. The square Jumperoo didn’t have nearly as many toys for her to discover and it seemed to take up much more space. We decided on this Jumperoo because it took up less room and had more toys for only slightly more money. The investment was worth it for just the first 10 minutes of fun!

When we first put her in, she wasn’t quite sure what to make of it and just looked around at the toys grabbing for them. After she realized (in the first 2 minutes) that she could jump, she did with great joy. Her face was all smiles and watching her kick her feet out while jumping had us all rolling on the floor hysterically.

The toys she likes best are the ones that spin and she reaches for the parrot and frog that hang. The tiger that comes up when you push on the button seems pretty useless, as does the color wheel.

The whole thing took us about 10 minutes to put together and another few minutes to wash the toys. Remember not the submerge the electronic one and to put 3 AA batteries in it. The box does not include the batteries and you’ll need a screwdriver to remove the battery cover. Also, the large spinning ball has a rainbow sticker along the sides that if you don’t dry right away, well, they’ll start to wrinkle. The Jumperoo does fold up for easier carrying/stowing but it’s not a smooth transition. I don’t see us doing it that often however.

As I mentioned, the entertainment that the adults got was well worth the cost initially. And now, our baby girl has a great time bouncing on it while strengthening her legs. She doesn’t seem to like jumping without an audience but maybe she will when she gets a little older. Don’t wait to get this, you won’t regret it!!

By Heather D

We have an active baby that really likes to stand, tries to walk when held, and always wants to be on the move — it can be exhausting. From reviews I read, the Jumperoo seemed like a great toy to provide excercise and fun for the baby (and a short break for Mom & Dad).

The long awaited Rainforest Jumperoo finally came about a week ago! Since we had pre-ordered from Amazon in November anticipating a Christmas gift, we were disappointed that there were delays and it was not expected ’til well after the holidays.

In the meantime, my 3 month old son was anxious to move and had lots of energy, so I bought the Deluxe Jumperoo at a local retailer about 4 weeks ago. He liked it, but seemed to get bored quickly with the toys and would use it just a few minutes each day.

Some of the key differences with the Rainforest Jumperoo:

- The seat rotates 360 degrees and there are toys all around it, so there is always something new to look at — and he can change his view of the room by himself (he’s just starting to turn in it on his own).

- There are animals hanging above his head from the “leaves” and the baby loves to look at them and sometimes jumps to try and reach them.

- The music & sounds are pretty cool…like they would play at a carribean restaurant. The Deluxe music was okay, but the “boinging” noises (although fun at first) got annoying pretty quickly.

- The format is round versus the old A-frame style — although I feared it would take up even more space, it actually looks less obtrusive and fits in the room better. It’s easier to get by and doesn’t trip you!

- There are three hanging springs (versus four) which seems to offer more mobility and freedom of movement. Sometimes he just sways around.

- Now nearly 4 months old, our son will spend happy stretches of 20-30+ minutes multiple times a day in the Rainforest version. Less than a week ago, he would spend about 15 minutes a day in the Deluxe version.

- The Rainforest version is attractive and seems well made in comparison to the “Deluxe”. It has thoughtful design details — like the tree frog seat and the silky green tie-dyed fabric under the hanging leaves.

- It appears that when folded it will take less space than the Deluxe — which is pretty awkward when folded.

- If your decor is more subtle, the Rainforest Jumperoo will probably fit in better than the vibrant blue painted frame of the Deluxe version.

Suggested changes:

- More opions for the height of the seat — this seems like an easy change the manufacturer could make that would be helpful. My son is pretty tall for his age, but between a “1″ and a “2″. So his feet are flat on the ground at level 1, and don’t quite reach at level 2. This means he stands and sort of walks to get slight bouncing — versus actually jumping (the toes are supposed to touch but not have feet flat on floor for optimal jumping).

- I would like some sort of storage option (like a vinyl bag it would fit into) to take to another room, store it for company, etc.

Overall, the Rainforest version was a little more expensive than the Deluxe, but in my view, well worth it. The differences are more than cosmetic, and our son really does seem to enjoy it more than than the Deluxe (which is on it’s way to Grandma’s today).

By John T. Fullbright

Well, my daughter sure loves it! I have only one complaint. The prodduct was in excellent condition, dont get me wrong, however, it seemed as if someone had put it together already in that the bottom of it was dirty, as well as most every part.. Other than that, it’s great!

As you can see, the Fisher Price Jumperoo pretty much does what it says on the tin, if you like. From the reactions and reviews of parents that have bought a Fisher Price Jumperoo, and seeing how their baby has enjoyed it, we think the Fisher Price Jumperoo is an excellent choice if you want to find your baby a great entertainer.